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While Alaska is the best place to go in the U.S. if you hope to catch the northern lights, did you know that they can sometimes be seen right in Seattle? Of course, you’ll have to have some luck on your side as those frequent cloudy skies combined with light… Read More

You know that the Pacific Northwest is absolutely amazing – from soaring mountains and countless waterfalls to beautiful bays, lakes, streams and a ruggedly spectacular coastline. But what about those things you probably don’t know about the Northwest? For example, in Washington State, it’s a felony to harass Sasquatch, AKA… Read More

It seems as if we went from warm and dry to cool and rainy in an instant here in the Northwest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go outdoors and have fun. In fact, it’s a great excuse to enjoy being a kid again, splashing in puddles, or even dancing… Read More

Discover Thor’s Well on the Oregon Coast: Our Photo of the Week

The Oregon Coast is filled with breathtaking spots, but the village of Yachats and the surrounding area may be its most stunning stretch of all. This is where you’ll find Thor’s Well, captured so beautifully by @nextlocationtbd, we decided to make it our photo of the week. Be sure to… Read More

Hells Canyon is the deepest water gorge in North America, sitting along the Idaho and Oregon border with the Snake River running through, it’s considered a hikers paradise with numerous routes to choose from, and along the way, mountain goats, bighorn sheep or even black bears are sometimes spotted. Fall… Read More