Faces of the Northwest

Meet the faces behind some of the best businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

These summer heatwaves are getting Northwesterners out on the water! But not all of us are skilled or have the necessary equipment. In moments like these, we turn to the experts like¬†Oregon River Experiences! We had a chat with Joel Swartzmiller from ORE, to learn more about him and his… Read More

Outdoor Odysseys is a kayak touring company based in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington. Our trips offer you the incredible opportunity to travel with passionate, expert guides while experiencing wildlife from orcas, seals, eagles and so much more. We offer some of the best customer service in the… Read More

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  • : 86 Cedar St, Friday Harbor, WA, USA
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  • : 86 Cedar St, Friday Harbor, WA, USA
  • Well, you’ve gone and done it now! You’ve injured your foot. Yeah, it hurts. But it’s not nearly as annoying as having everyone in the world stop you on the street and ask you what do you did to get hurt. And how does everyone know you’re hurt? That ugly… Read More

    We recently chatted with one of our favorite Instagrammers and avid hiker, @heartgoeshere, Ashley of PNW Hiker Collective. If you’re like many of us around the Northwest, you love to hike, and the mountains may have even drawn you here, if you weren’t lucky enough to be born in the… Read More

    We’ve written about a number of Alaskan cruise options, including some of the best cruise destinations, like Ketchikan, the state’s picturesque “first city,” which sits at the southern tip of the Inside Passage. Whether you visit by cruise, or head there directly, it’s one of the best spots in the… Read More