Northwest Moments

We’ve all booked a vacation or jumped in the car for a roadtrip based on a single iconic photo. Here’s our collection of the best Northwest moments captured in photos.

Celebrate the 2019 Holiday Season with a Sleigh Ride!

While we can’t always guarantee snow in December throughout the Pacific Northwest, those with snow can enjoy an honest-to-goodness sleigh ride, while the milder climates enjoy their own version with horse-drawn wagons, carriages, and trolleys. Grab a lap blanket, a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy a special holiday treat.The… Read More

Northwesterners love wandering through the trees all year round, but during the holiday season, it can be especially magical. The holiday season is filled with many light-filled tree festivals where you can delight in the beauty of decorated Christmas trees. Several Festival of the Tree celebrations are free and open… Read More

Exquisite Crystals

A surprising find in more ways than one Walking around the old buildings on the Historic National Fort Vancouver site on the edge of downtown Vancouver, Washington, you find beautifully preserved buildings, many dating to the mid 1800s. While walking among the old buildings of this old military fort, you… Read More

Photo of the Week: Mount Hood in Autumn

What a stunning photo of Mt. Hood! This Autumn view was captured by Columbia River Gorge resident Cate Hotchkiss and looks almost like an oil painting in its perfection.

Corvallis: A Beautiful College Town

A visit to Corvallis in the fall is a beautiful thing. There is something about a college campus in the fall – with students with backpacks walking here and there, professors riding bicycles down leaf-covered streets, and the sounds of cheers coming from a sports field just out of sight…. Read More