Northwest Moments

We’ve all booked a vacation or jumped in the car for a roadtrip based on a single iconic photo. Here’s our collection of the best Northwest moments captured in photos.

Hurricane Ridge, located in Washington’s Olympic Mountains has surely been living up to its name with massive snow drifts in recent weeks – time to get out and play in the snow? This magical winter wonderland scene was created by blasts of a number of coastal storms that included heavy snow… Read More

This is such a beautiful photo, but with it is some rather sad news, posted via Instagram by the Orca Network and Langley Whale Center on Whidbey Island last fall. “Today we are honoring and remembering J52- aka Sonic. Here is a favorite picture of him getting ‘snuggled’ by his… Read More

#WednesdayOnTheWater | #OregonCoast | #FeetInTheWater You can tell a true Northwesterner by their intense desire to put their feet in the ocean, no matter the temperature. The Oregon Coast is constantly calling to my spirit – I can feel those waves ebbing and flowing all day, every day, no matter… Read More

If you hope to see the Northern Lights this winter, you may want to start making your plans ASAP – the city of Fairbanks is often cited as one the very best destinations to see them in the United States, but of course, to get the best glimpse, you’ll need to… Read More

We’ve had a lot of rain in the Northwest this winter, but when you start to feel extra soggy, it can be helpful to remember that rain is what helps make this region one of the most spectacular on Earth, producing gorgeous waterfalls like Koosah Falls in Oregon. “If there… Read More