Columbia River Gorge

#WednesdayOnTheWater | #ColumbiaRiverGorge | #LatourellFalls Looking forward to a forecast of rain this weekend, I had to get out and enjoy the sunshine yesterday! You can’t take 80° weather in April for granted. So I sprayed my son down in sunscreen and told him we were going on an adventure… Read More

#WednesdayOnTheWater | #ColumbiaRiver | #AmericanEmpress The American Empress has become a welcome site on the Columbia River! The ship docks out of Vancouver, Washington, across the river from Portland, Oregon. In this photo, the ship is docked in Stevenson, WA. You can cruise the American Empress one 8-night journeys from… Read More

Today’s Northwest Moment is by Ashley Whitman. We are obsessed with the Columbia River Gorge – it’s one of our favorite places in the Northwest. We love this image because it illustrates how the gorge goes from the lush, tree-lined waterfalls in western Oregon/Washington, to the high desert in eastern… Read More

One of many great hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. This one’s for kids!