washington hikes

There’s really no need to stay indoors all winter when you’ve got spectacular hikes like this.  Spirit Falls is located just north of the Columbia River near the town of Cook. While the trek to get to there is short, at just a little over a half-mile, the reward for… Read More

Wow! Look at all that color. It’s peak wildflower time in the Northwest’s high elevations and they’re definitely out in all their glory here at Cispus Basin as captured by @jamie.hutchinson.photography. So stunning, we’ve decided to make this image our photo of the week. You can get here via the 12.5-mile… Read More

Where are you enjoying the sunshine on this beautiful Northwest weekend? One of the best places to be this morning may have been Goat Lake. Located in Washington’s North Cascades, with the trail off the Mountain Loop Highway near Darrington, it can be reached with a 5.2-mile up-and-back trek …. Read More