Fort Vancouver

Willful Winery, Vancouver, WA

There’s a new resident in the old Grant House. Closed since the pandemic, the elegant old Grant House on Officer’s Row on the Fort Vancouver grounds, is now home to Willful Winery. Have a seat on the wide front porch on a warm late summer afternoon, or enjoy the ambience… Read More

Pearson Airfield, Vancouver WA

Pearson Airfield, Vancouver WA

A statue stands outside the Pearson Airfield museum in Vancouver, WA harkening back to the earliest days of aviation and the history found on this history-laden site.  Step inside this free museum and see samples of the earliest forms of aviation in all their glory for a taste of how… Read More

A Walk Through Fort Vancouver’s Garden

Join us on a late summer walk through Fort Vancouver’s kitchen display garden found just outside the entrance to the fort and open to the public to wander and enjoy.  They grow heirloom vegetables (a rutabaga as big as your hand!) fruit trees (lovely looking figs just starting to ripen)… Read More

The John McLoughlin House

The Father of Oregon A visit to the John McLoughlin House in Oregon City Hear the story of one of Oregon’s most fascinating men – Dr. John McLoughlin – on a visit to the very house he lived in. Now set up on the edge of the hill overlooking the… Read More

Fort Vancouver Kitchen Garden

In late summer, the gardens at Fort Vancouver are beginning to wind down. The pumpkins growing are looking their best, the sunflowers shine in the sun, and the last of the heritage beans are hiding under the their leaves. Visitors to the Fort Vancouver complex which includes the elegant homes… Read More

Fort Vancouver, Washington

Fort Vancouver, Washington

The immense stockade wall that forms the perimeter of Fort Vancouver is much larger than it looks as you drive by on nearby Highway 14.  Take the time to stop and wander around the exterior grounds. There is much to see for free on the Fort site including the old… Read More