Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker Wildflowers

Photographer Erwin Buske captures the beauty of the northern Cascades – especially the many wildflowers.  Here, wild asters are found in the Mt. Baker National Forest.  Follow his work on Facebook for more stunning photos or explore more on his website.

Old Sauk Trail

Hiking along the Old Sauk trail in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in June can find you engulfed in a sea of green. Everything is alive with even downed tree branches becoming homes for new life.  Find out more about this hike on the National Forest Service website.

Mt. Baker sunset by Dennis Cairns

Photographer Dennis Cairns captured Mt. Baker during the golden hour of sunset in northern Washington.  Even in June, Mt. Baker still has plenty of snow on it to create fabulous backdrops for photo taking.

The North Cascades Loop

The North Cascades Loop

Time for a road trip? Head east of Seattle for a stunning driving loop that will take you through charming towns, wineries, gorgeous lakes and towering mountains. Washington is the evergreen state for good reason! The North Cascades loop will give you a trip to remember.