Our blog shares Faces of the Northwest, interviews with creative Northwest business owners, Northwest Moments, and photos of some of our favorite places in the Northwest.

Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho

The Northwest is gifted with with waterfalls, frankly – no matter if you’re on the Oregon Coast or in the high mountains, waterfalls seem to gush with wild abandon. And a waterfall hike is an iconic Northwest Moment. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this week we will –… Read More

Copper Stills at New Deal Distillery, Portland, Oregon

Copper Stills at New Deal Distillery, Portland, Oregon

Photo by Carrie Uffindell. Today’s Northwest Moment photo reminds us that the Northwest is a place filled with makers of all kinds. We make a variety of artisan products, from clothes to household goods to food and drink. We just love this photo of the Copper Stills at New Deal… Read More

Columbia River, The Dalles, Oregon

Today’s Northwest Moment is by Ashley Whitman. We are obsessed with the Columbia River Gorge – it’s one of our favorite places in the Northwest. We love this image because it illustrates how the gorge goes from the lush, tree-lined waterfalls in western Oregon/Washington, to the high desert in eastern… Read More

Meet David Penilton, Founder of America’s Hub World Tours

We love the 3 words David uses to describe the Pacific Northwest!

Crown Point, Columbia River Gorge

Today’s Northwest moment is by Ashley Whitman, who just put together a wonderful round up of the best Northwest cruises. Crown Point is one of the highest scenic viewpoints to reach in the Columbia River Gorge, located on the old Multnomah highway between Portland and a long lineup of many… Read More

Tom McCall Preserve, Oregon

One of many great hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. This one’s for kids!