The Pacific Northwest is our home. Despite all of our world travels, we always love coming home. Who wouldn’t? The Northwest is a perfect menagerie – a collection of micro-cultures that combine into a unique, worldly region of non-specificity and non-conformity. You simply cannot put the Pacific Northwest in a box; we are out of the box, and we’re proud of it!

We have all of the world’s beauty right in our backyard! In just one day, you could drive from the desert, through mountains and valleys, to the ocean. IN ONE DAY – that’s how amazing our backyard truly is. Of course, we wouldn’t advise cramming it all into just a day, as you need time to really soak up and enjoy all of that spectacular beauty. The changes in geography, climate and culture offer unique offer incredible opportunities that can only be found in our backyard.

What does Best of the Northwest do? We feature locally-owned businesses, including some of our particular favorites, for exploring all the region has to offer.

We’re proud to work with local authors and writers to produce our travel content, featured photography, and use local businesses to run and manage our website.

Meet our team!

Our website was founded by the founder of USA River Cruises, Cindy Anderson, and David Penilton, founder of Hub WorldTours and president of Travel Oregon. Between them they have 75 years in the travel industry.

Communications director, K.C. Dermody is the author of a number of travel guides and hundreds of travel articles, both online and in print. She keeps viewers up-to-date on the most exciting travel ideas and introduces some of our most interesting business owners through in-depth interviews.

Dawn Woolcott is our newest blog writer and  helps keep us in touch with our followers on the various social networks. She loves taking photos and traveling around the Northwest finding new fun places to share.

And last but not least, below is our webmaster and chief customer service agent, Tinkerbell.  She’s waiting for your calls and emails!