Idaho Bourbon Distillers

2762 South Featherly Way, Boise, ID, United States


Tuesday – Saturday Noon to 5:00 pm

Our Distillery is defined by the hard work and passion dedicated to making the finest Craft Bourbon Whiskey. It all starts with the finest natural local ingredients, hand selected corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley make up our many unique mash bills and proprietary recipes. Our mashing process is specific to milling our grains at exact specifications. Idaho mountain spring water fresh and rich with minerals is used in our daily mashing process creating our beer wash. Our hand built copper stills are then used to distill the beer wash creating Idaho’s finest bourbon. Each run is carefully charted and sampled before going into new charred oak barrels. Even each barrel is carefully inspected before aging whiskey. Once the un-aged whiskey or “WhiteDawg” as we like to call it enters the barrel the aging process begins. Using hand crafted 15 & 30 gallon barrels our aging process is much more gentler on the whiskey allowing it to age quicker than traditional 55 gallon barrels. After only 6 months to 3 years the aging process is complete and a handful of barrels are selected for sampling. No barrels are bottled until each one is carefully sampled by 4-5 judges giving each bottle the up most care before hitting the market. In the timeless craft of whiskey making, Idaho Bourbon Distillers is firmly established in distilling the finest bourbon in the West.

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