Devil’s Churn

The stretch of Hwy 101 along the central Oregon coastline is pretty spectacular.  It is a stretch of road that one must take it slowly – take your time and don’t try to drive and look at the same time. There are plenty of roadside pullouts for the gawking driver… Read More

10 Best Geologic Wonders

Most people have heard of Oregon’s famous Crater Lake, a crystal blue lake formed inside the caldera of an ancient volcano. Oregon is also famous for  the Columbia River Gorge with its many towering waterfalls.  Or perhaps the beautiful rock formations dotting just off the water’s edge on the coastline… Read More

Photo of the week: The Confluence

Photo of the week: The Confluence

At the confluence of the Wenatchee River and Columbia River in central Washington, the contrast between the lush riverside and the bare hills surrounding the town are stark. Looking much like a shar-pei dog with its wrinkly skin, the geologic history of the mountain ranges often are on full display…. Read More

The Palouse

The unique geology of these eastern Washington state hills are a photographer’s dream…and a road trip dream. Imagine driving on a beautiful sunny day, sunroof open, your favorite music playing, and these gentle rolling hills as the view out your window. Green or Brown? Depending upon the time of year… Read More

Obsidian Rock Flows

The ancient lava beds of Central Oregon are not as old as you might think. Like walking on a moonscape, you can walk right through lava beds covered with pumice and shiny black obsidian. “Rainy” Oregon? I think not!

Crooked River Gorge, Oregon

Crooked River Gorge, Oregon

The Peter Skene Ogden Scenic View State Park is located just off Hwy 97 in Central Oregon. If you are heading to Bend, Sisters, or Smith Rock State Park, make sure to stop by this wayside and admire the views of the steep basalt cliffs. Imagine the bravery it took… Read More