Find These Hidden Treasures on Vancouver’s Waterfront

Look down, look up, look all around.  There is cool design everywhere when walking along Vancouver’s new waterfront.  This new urban interface along the banks of the Columbia River may look ultra modern from a distance, but pays homage to the historical past and its industrial heritage in the creative… Read More

Fort Vancouver Kitchen Garden

In late summer, the gardens at Fort Vancouver are beginning to wind down. The pumpkins growing are looking their best, the sunflowers shine in the sun, and the last of the heritage beans are hiding under the their leaves. Visitors to the Fort Vancouver complex which includes the elegant homes… Read More

Soak Up The Local Coffee Scene: Downtown Vancouver, WA

Take a walk through downtown Vancouver, Washington and discover the different coffee shops. From colorful, quirky, hip, and homey, you’ll be sure to find a friendly one to call home.

Shop Small: Favorite Shopping Areas of SW Washington

Shopping neighborhoods in SW Washington In every city or county, there are neighborhoods where you can find a collection of small, independently owned shopping stores where you can find the unique, the curated, the boutique quality that can make a shopping trip worth your while. These are not national brand… Read More

The Vancouver Waterfront Wine Scene

The Vancouver Waterfront Wine Scene

The Vancouver Washington waterfront is being reimagined. It has long been more of a utilitarian area set on the edge of downtown, but the city has been having a renaissance lately. Having completed the waterfront area south of the I-5 bridge that bisects downtown Vancouver several years ago, the city… Read More

Nonavo Pizza

Nonavo Pizza

It was time for some holiday shopping, so I headed to downtown Vancouver. I had already made several stops along the way and it was hitting just before noon. I got off SR14 and took the exit for downtown, which places you right on the edge of downtown. And voila,… Read More