Best Romantic Places in Seattle

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so if you hope to spark some romance on the holiday, it’s time to start planning. There’s no need to spend a ton of cash, there are some amazing places around the city of Seattle for enjoying picnics surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and hidden spots that are ideal for stealing a kiss.

Here are some of our top pics for the best romantic places in Seattle.

Seattle waterfront with The Great Wheel and Space Needle

The Great Wheel

The Great Wheel offers the perfect spot for a private romantic interlude. Set along the waterfront at Pier 57, it soars some 175 feet, offering especially unforgettable views. Go late at night and you’re more likely to catch a ride in one of the enclosed gondolas that you can enjoy all to yourselves while gazing out at the endless sea of sparkling lights.

Watch a Sunset at Discovery Park

Discovery Park sits atop Magnolia Bluff overlooking Seattle, the Puget Sound and the Olympics beyond. Look t the east and you’ll catch a glimpse of the Cascade Mountains too.  Thanks to the higher elevation, this is also one of the top spots for watching the sun dip below the horizon, and stealing a kiss or two.

Space Needle

Dinner and a Panoramic View

While you’ll need to make those reservations ASAP, the famous revolving Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle offers ever-changing views and a delicious menu focused around Pacific Northwest cuisine. With that reservation you’ll also be able to head to the observation deck for free for enjoying an even more incredible panoramic view that includes soaring mountains on nearly all sides, the city, the waterfront and more. As it gets a bit chilly so high up, it’s the perfect excuse for cuddling up together and enjoying a kiss.

alki point lighthouse

Take a Stroll Across Alki Beach

Alki Beach is located in West Seattle and offers some jaw-dropping views along its shores. Along the picturesque two-and-a-half-mile strip of sand you can gaze out at the water together, watching the ferries and sailboats glide by, listening to the sounds of the waves and strolling hand-in-hand on the adjacent trail. February is an ideal time to visit, as you might even be able to find a spot to enjoy all to yourselves – just bundle up and snuggle up close if the weather’s chilly.

Wikimedia Commons

Ride the Bainbridge Island Ferry

A ride on the Washington State ferry is hard to beat for both water and mountain views, and you might get to see some marine life to, including everything from sea otters, porpoise and minke whales to humpbacks and orcas. You can drive or walk onto the Bainbridge Island Ferry, and then hang out on the deck to enjoy a ride and a kiss. Look back east of you and you’ll get a stunning view of the Seattle skyline. Look west and Bainbridge Island, with the breathtaking Olympics offer an awe-inspiring backdrop too. Once you’ve landed, you’ll find all sorts to pop into, a waterfront park ideal for picnicking and a wide range of restaurants for everything from casual to upscale dining.