Best Northwest Food & Wine Trails

Whether you want a road trip, a weekend adventure, or are just obsessively interested in certain Northwest flavors, we’ve got food and wine trails perfect for you. Explore a kingdom of cheese, a buffet of wines, or even more curious Northwest delights such as oysters – we’ve got all you need, with links to maps to get started, exploring the best Northwest food and wine trails. Show up thirsty and hungry!

oregon cheese trail

Oregon Cheese Trail (OR)

In 2013, the Oregon Cheese Guild launched the Oregon Cheese Trail. Locals and visitors were introduced to the wonders of Oregon cheese discovering local artisan creameries they never knew about. See cheesemakers craft fresh loaves of cheese or get your hands messy in curds and whey at a cheese-making class at one of the creameries in the region. At Rogue Creamery, for example, you can get a glimpse of the cheese production process, and at the Tillamook County Creamery you can learn about natural chunk cheese. Or take a tour of the Ancient Heritage Dairy farm located at the foot of the impressive Mount Jefferson.

Bow-Edison Food Trail

Bow-Edison Food Trail (WA)

The Bow-Edison area, situated at the foothills of Blanchard Mountain, is a wonderful green area; a beloved place to relax and to grow great food. Both Bow and Edison (that are just a few miles apart) are quaint towns where not only you can find freshly grown produce, but also unique shops and art galleries. From blueberries to dairy, cheese, and meat, you basically find everything right here. Stop by Blanchard Mountain Farm and get your fill of local produce. If you love goat cheese, you’ll for sure love Gothberg Farms. At only 90 minutes from Seattle, this small area is an excellent destination for a culinary journey.

Berry Picking Hikes


Berry Picking Hikes (WA)

Blueberries, salmonberries, and huckleberries; the Pacific Northwest has an abundance of edible berries to make your early fall hike even more pleasant. There are a few great hikes for picking the best ripe, juicy mountain berries, for example, at the Tonga Ridge Trail. If you don’t mind sharing your huckleberry fields with other hikers, head here and find right at the start of the trail many bushes of juicy berries.

A quite a more challenging route to the berry patches is at Mount Dickerman. Its summit can be reached after 3900 feet of elevation gain, but your reward will be ample. The views from the top are incredible – and the berries aren’t bad either. August and September are also prime berry-picking times at Mount Rainier National Park, where visitors can snack for huckleberries, blackberries, and thimbleberries.

Oregon's North Coast Craft Beer Trail

Oregon’s North Coast Craft Beer Trail (OR)

The Oregon’s North Coast Craft Beer Trail passes ten local brewers that share their love for the art of making unique craft beers. Discover and taste the unique flavors of their creations while enjoying the exceptional hospitality these beer masters have to offer. And the best of all is that you can sample these great beers on foot, by trolley or bus!
Walla Walla Wine Trail

Walla Walla Wine Trail (WA)

Many wine enthusiasts head to the southern outskirts of Walla Walla, where more than 20 wineries let you sample their premier wines with the magnificent views of the Blue Mountains’ foothills in the distance. Along this wine trail, you will experience one of Washington’s top wine country resorts, picturesque vineyards, and some intense reds.

Sunny Slope WineTrail

Sunny Slope Wine Trail (ID)

The Sunnyslope area is a patchwork of farms, potato fields, fruit orchards and well-groomed vineyards. Here you’ll find the state’s oldest wineries and vineyards, like Ste. Chapelle Winery and a wide array of new whites and reds like from Koenig Distillery & Winery that use grapes from the Snake River Valley AVA. When you’re ready with the tastings, there is plenty of choice for a good meal with locally grown foods in a great ambiance.

Columbia Gorge WineTrail

Columbia Gorge Wine Trail (OR)

The Columbia Gorge Wine Trail (eastwards from Portland) takes you through a territory where you can explore great vineyards and wineries like Naked Winery or Sunshine Mill Winery. In between the wine tasting, there are also interesting sights to check out; from a cultural visit to the Maryhill Museum of Art or to an adventurous outing on the White Salmon River. Pack your camera, too—there are photo opportunities by the dozen.
northwest oyster tours

Oyster Tours (WA)

Puget Sound, west of Seattle, is an ideal region for an oyster-centric road trip. So take your car, and get to know more about your favorite mollusk at its source. And while you drive keep an eye out for roadside oyster shacks offering chowders, oyster burgers, and, of course, half-shells paired with locally crafted beers or a fresh glass of white wine. You can also join the farm days where the beach is open to public for harvesting and picking some oysters to take home.