7 Historic Places to Visit in Downtown Salem, Oregon

The beautiful downtown historic district of Salem offers a chance to see much of Oregon’s history in one walkable district.   Oregon’s history may not date back centuries as the towns in old Europe, but the more “recent” history of the State of Oregon offers a more cohesive feel –… Read More

Discover: Butteville, OR

Pronounced “B-YOOT-vill” some might think it is a form of “Beautiful” which wouldn’t be a bad guess, as the area surely is beautiful. The town’s name is actually a form of the French word for “hill” which is “butte” as it was settled on the top of a rocky outcrop… Read More

Weddle Covered Bridge, Sweet Home OR

Weddle Covered Bridge, Sweet Home OR

Some things are worth saving. The Weddle Bridge was scheduled to be demolished as it was deemed to have outlived it’s useful life. A utilitarian and much less attractive concrete bridge was built to replace it to handle the stresses of everyday traffic needs. But the Weddle Bridge was just… Read More

Bronze Statues of Joseph, Oregon

A grand combination of art and natural beauty Some cities just seem to embrace public art more than others, and Joseph fully supports its local artists by displaying many samples of their work in the downtown area.  Walk down the main street of downtown and it is like walking through… Read More