I Found a Rock

Have you ever gone on a hike and just become fascinated with something you find? I was wandering around Dougan Falls last week, and I found this rock. I was immediately taken by the rock, fascinated by the encounter with it. First, it was the size – this is a BIG rock! When looking around the area, there were no other rocks bigger than a pebble. But this rock was bigger than me! Also, I noticed all the growth on the rock. It looks as though there are many layers of moss built up over the years, and now there are ferns growing from the moss. I am assuming that the rock was there before the tree, which has grown up next to the rock. However long this rock has been sitting here, life has grown up around it, and now on it. This mighty formation that has sat there for longer than I have been alive, a giant symbol of lifelessness, has been incorporated into the life around it, and now is a place for new life to grow!

I stood and admired the rock for a time. It was exactly the kind of ‘hiking in the NW woods’ weather I wanted, and I enjoyed standing in the brisk air, standing in awe at this amazing rock.