vintage baseball at yamhill heritage center
yamhill county heritage museum
florence festival of the trees

Driving and Discovering: Tacoma

Driving to pick someone up at SeaTac airport, I allowed several extra hours to take the time to stop and explore the Tacoma area. Many travelers driving between Portland and Seattle often just think of Tacoma as the place with the giant Tacoma Dome stadium that looms large right next… Read More

Maryhill Museum of Art

Autumn is a beautiful time around the Pacific Northwest. Joe Wolf on Flickr captured Maryhill Museum of Art overlooking the Columbia River Gorge in the fading beauty of November.  Read more about Maryhill Museum on our blog in our posts about the nearby Maryhill Stonehenge, and other sights to see… Read More

Discover: Butteville, OR

Pronounced “B-YOOT-vill” some might think it is a form of “Beautiful” which wouldn’t be a bad guess, as the area surely is beautiful. The town’s name is actually a form of the French word for “hill” which is “butte” as it was settled on the top of a rocky outcrop… Read More