Visiting Naturescaping’s Wildlife Botanical Garden

Tucked away on a small side road in Brush Prairie, WA is a haven for birds and butterflies, dog walkers, small children, and gardeners. A wide gravel path is lined with rooms of small themed gardens on either side. Wander the winding gravel paths and bark paths to explore each… Read More

Virtual Travel

While we are all staying indoors during this virus pandemic, there are options for traveling around the Pacific Northwest from the comfort of your own home. Here are some fun live webcams or opportunities to watch artists online. This is when the power of technology can help keep us all… Read More

Best Places to See Wildlife

Nature is a part of our soul. We treasure the wildlife around us, but with increasing urban sprawl, there can be a disconnect with nature. Those that call the Northwest home know that keeping as much natural habitat available for native species of all sorts – from turtles to bears,… Read More

Ridgefield Birdfest and Bluegrass festival
Photo of the Week: Mount Hood Sunrise

Photo of the Week: Mount Hood Sunrise

This stunning scene is for those that venture out at daybreak along the Columbia River. The sun rises dramatically behind Mt. Hood as you look east from the Portland/Vancouver area. There are many piers on which local wild birds may join you for the show. Atop many perches up and… Read More